God’s Manual To A Fulfilling Life

The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever. – Isaiah 40:8 NIV Version


Before all the inspiration books there’s just the Bible. There just the word of God. The Bible was written thousands of years ago yet it is here to stay. God will never let His children go with this life without His divine guidance. As Christians, we should keep His teachings not just in our minds but in our hearts. Let His word be your life manual. Keep his teachings every day and they’ll guide you to the right path.


Our Christian community worked together to put up deboeinijverdal.nl. This gospel store is a fruit of our prayers. We want our lives to be of service to God. And His grace allowed us to do His work in a way that it would be a bridge to spread His word. Deboeinijverdal.nl has donated Bibles to churches around the world. We saw how the word transformed many lives. Broken relationships restored, broken hearts mended, chains were devoured, and breakthroughs came. We’ve received letters from our website visitors how the word of God changed them radically. Some even were on the verge of ending their life, but somehow the word of God touched their hearts. And they gave life a second chance. As members and founders of Deboeinijverdal.nl, our hearts are filled with uncontainable joy knowing our simple deeds touched many hearts.

Supplies and Materials for Spreading the Word


Ddeboeinijverdal.nl gathered all the supplies and materials a church would need. We desire that nothing would ever stop the word of God from reaching many souls. For that reason, our gospel store is a one-stop-shop complete with church necessities. We also have creative works designed by our fellow Christians. There are wall displays highlighting Bible verses, different versions of the Bible, T-shirts with prints, and pamphlets containing lessons and stories from the Bible. Believers can also browse our collections of praise songs, Christian movies, sermons, and more. What we desire is for Christians to surround themselves with the word of God to strengthen them as they live their lives outside the church.

Grow In Your Relationship With The Lord

Grow In Your Relationship With The Lord


Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation. – 1 Peter 2:2  NIV Version


Our desire is for Christians to grow in their relationship with God. Our store might serve limited Christian communities due to the size of our organization, but every single soul matter. Let’s support one another and be part of His amazing work. When we join together in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we strengthen one another as brothers and sisters. We grow together in our personal relationship with God. He is our Father, and we are His children. Support ldeboeinijverdal.nl when you build a website or visit us in the shop. You can also bring friends.